3 Things To Do BEFORE Contacting:

  1. Read their website. A lot of providers will have what they expect when you contact them listed, or the information that they will want upon request. Make sure to check out their prices beforehand so you know what to expect finance wise.

  2. Learn about whom you are going to see. Most providers will have a bit of information on themselves as a provider, explaining their personality or their take on the work they do. This gives you the insight to whether or not you will be a good fit for each other.

  3. Take the time to understand your own needs. Ask yourself a few basic questions like, how long will I need,  what can I afford, how far am I willing to travel for the location. Taking time to understand what you want and representing it in a fashion that is not explicit or demanding will help you be able to have an easier time with the booking process, and will gain you a lot more respect then your provider having to pry any information from you.

The Do's and Do Not's of Communication


Do Not's

  • Send photos of your face for profiling

  • send links to your media profiles

  • call your provider by their work name

  • send a detailed message like shown below explaining details pertaining to your date request

  • Send explicit photos, shirtless photos or lewd photos of any kind

  • send links to porn sites

  • call a provider a pet name upon your first message

  • send multiple one lined messages saying your provider is hot, asking if they are available that day or just plain hitting on them

Booking Request Templates

The templates below will guarantee a higher success rate while booking if filled out properly for your provider. Please take advantage of the template on my site, It is a perfect outline of how to properly communicate in a way that comes off professional and respectful of their time.